Marriage may also be a good business decision

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Marriage has always been considered a sacred bond in society, predating many nations and even some core tenets of the law. Some believe that marriage has spiritual value, while others say it is an evolutionary response to creating a unit for raising children. One way or the other, marriage is more than that in modern times.

There are several businesslike aspects to marriage, going back to the aggregation of property in a relationship under two people. It may be easier to invest or purchase a home with another person if you are married. It is also a simpler process of estate planning when a planned inheritor is a proven member of a person’s family.

There is no substitute for matrimony when it comes to shared rights. Spouses automatically have certain rights in emergencies, such as a hospitalization. California is one of several states that does not recognize other forms of legal partnership like a civil union or a common law marriage.

“There is no more clear way I can put it; it is a business decision,” said a lawyer who focuses on family law. “Look at it as a business relationship. What’s in it for you? What’s in it for you after eight years of cohabitation? If you are investing that time and energy, get married!”

People considering a prenuptial agreement or otherwise wants to prepare for a marriage can seek the help of an attorney. Legal representation is often helpful when working out the best approach to legally defining a relationship for the present or the future of a family.