Helping Families Move Forward After Divorce

Finding Solutions That Keep Children Out Of Conflict

When it comes to practicing family law in California, child custody provides the most opportunities for us to problem solve. We help clients navigate the process of custody and child support as well as visitation rights, guardianship and child relocation.

At the Law Office of Stephen W. Penn, we’re devoted to:

  • Helping our clients determine what is in the best interests of their children, which is not always the same as what is in the best interest of the parents
  • Giving our clients tools and resources to de-escalate conflict and keep children from being stuck in the middle
  • Explaining the custody process and helping our clients understand that litigation should be a last resort
  • Supporting our clients’ efforts to work with the other parent in a respectful and appropriate manner

Although we do not claim to know what is best for our clients’ children, we believe it is best for children when their parents do not expose them to conflict. Our efforts are designed to lessen conflict, including asking our clients to make concessions they would not normally make — such as considering a cooperative parenting relationship.

We represent children by court appointment in high-conflict custody cases and have seen firsthand the effect that conflict between parents has on children. In some cases, we’ve been fortunate enough to gain the perspective of older children we’ve represented, and learned how their parents’ conflicts affected their lives.

We use our extensive experience in family law to help families develop a plan for future success, including support for children, respecting the rights of fathers and revisiting previous divorce terms. Attorney Stephen Penn is a certified specialist in family law, giving him the knowledge and experience to guide you.

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