Resolving Disputes Without Going To Court

At the Law Office of Stephen W. Penn, we offer mediation services for California families as a way of navigating difficult disputes in a respectful and amicable way.

The Benefits Of Mediating Family Law Disputes

Mediation is especially helpful in family law cases because the people involved are likely to have some kind of ongoing relationship after the dispute is resolved. In fact, many states require mediation in child custody disputes to promote more amicable relationships between parents.

The process of mediation puts you in control of finding solutions, rather than being saddled with the rules and procedures of a court proceeding. It is also a much cheaper process than litigation, since it generally takes significantly less time. Parties involved in mediation can hire experts to assist them in evaluating assets, addressing mental health considerations and more.

Mediation is most effective when both parties are comfortable with expressing their opinions and needs in a forthright manner, while remaining respectful of the other person. If either side is unwilling to compromise, mediation will likely be unsuccessful.

What Role Does A Mediator Play?

A mediator is a neutral attorney who aids in negotiation and helps keep everyone focused on the important issues in a dispute. They can answer questions and help with procedural requirements in finalizing agreements.

However, the mediator does not act as either side’s lawyer. Each side will often employ their own counsel to give them independent legal advice throughout the process.

As a certified family law specialist and experienced family law mediator, attorney Stephen Penn has substantial knowledge in resolving family law disputes. Our firm is committed to keeping you informed throughout the process and providing an atmosphere that supports finding solutions.

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