Appealing Family Court Decisions

At the Law Office of Stephen W. Penn, we understand how frustrating it is when, after going through the grueling process of a divorce proceeding, you end up with an unfair decision from the court.

With many years of practice in California family courts and a specialist certification in family law, attorney Stephen Penn knows the judges in San Jose, Morgan Hill and Hollister well. By bringing your case to our firm, you gain the advantage of this network and experience for filing your appeal. Even if we were not involved in the original proceeding, we have the skills to help you decide how to proceed.

An Order Has Been Entered For My Divorce — What Are My Options?

Both former spouses have the right to appeal a decision by the lower court. The appeal is not a redo of the divorce proceeding — rather, it is an opportunity to prove that the judge in the lower court made a mistake. Alternatively, either spouse can file a motion for modification of a divorce decree, modification of child support or alimony modifications.

The family law appeals process can be tough; the lower court’s decision is usually only overturned if it is clear they made an error. In these situations, having an experienced family law attorney on your side can make all the difference. Our firm can help you prepare the record on appeal, a compilation of the trial transcripts and other documents from the original divorce case. We also prepare appellate briefs and can help you navigate the strict procedures and deadlines of the appeals process.

Timing Is Key

If you’re considering appealing a judge’s decision regarding your divorce, child support or child custody, it’s important to talk to a lawyer right away. We offer discounted initial consultations where we can review your case and help you decide if an appeal is the right path to take. To schedule an appointment, call our Morgan Hill office at 408-776-1525 or use our online contact form.