There is no average cost for a divorce, as each situation is truly unique. After a consultation with one of our attorneys, we can quote you a retainer for your case that is fine-tuned to your specific needs. We can also attempt to mitigate your divorce costs by offering unbundled or limited scope services. Obviously, if the parties are committed to resolving issues amicably, they are going to save significantly on attorney fees and costs. Litigation can be expensive, both financially and emotionally. However, we work with our clients to focus on those issues that truly matter and to come to a resolution as efficiently as possible.

At your consultation, you can expect to receive expert advice and have a plan on how best to move forward in your case. We understand that some law offices offer a free 20-minute consultation. Our experience has been that 20 minutes is not enough time to provide insight into your case. It will always take the full hour to ask and answer enough questions and gain a sufficient understanding of your case. Like any initial consultation, however, our impressions will be preliminary.

When working with Stephen Penn, a retainer is required up front and deposited into a lawyer trust account. You will receive an itemized billing statement once per month detailing the work done on your case for that period. The amount owed is then withdrawn from your trust account. We require a minimum retainer balance be kept current in all cases. That amount is determined at the office consultation. If there are any unused portions of the retainer, they will be refunded to you at the closing of your file.

There are ways that you can save money, however. Responding promptly and as accurately as possible to our requests for information is the primary way in which a client can save costs on legal fees. We will need information from you in order to properly represent you in court and out of court. Multiple requests and extending deadlines can increase costs to the client. We don’t recommend that a client complete his or her own paperwork. We have found that it actually can cost you more money to have documents reviewed, revised and reviewed again. You’ll actually end up paying twice. The best way that a client can save time and money is by deciding what is truly important in a case. There will always be minutiae that can get in the way, but any divorce or separation can be easier if you focus on what are only the most important aspects of your case. We can help you identify those areas on which to focus.