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What is financial abuse?

Like other forms of relationship abuse in California, financial abuse can and does occur across all racial and ethnic groups, at all educational and socioeconomic levels and can victimize either women or men. However, according to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, it is a less commonly understood form of abuse despite being among the most prominent forms, occurring in 99 percent of domestic violence cases. 

2 effective methods of reducing estate tax

For most people across California, one of their main objectives when working on their estate plans involves figuring out how to leave as much of the wealth they have amassed behind for their loved ones as possible. At the Law Office of Stephen W. Penn and Associates, we understand that there are several different steps you can take to accomplish this, one of which involves reducing the amount of tax assessed against your estate after your passing.

How to tell if your spouse is hiding assets

Californian residents across the board have a lot at stake financially when it comes to filing for divorce. Unfortunately, this might create a sensation of desperation in some people, causing them to go to extreme lengths in order to "preserve" their assets in any way they can.

How to get organized before your divorce

Once you know you and your spouse are going to divorce, there may be several tasks you must complete to prepare for the divorce process. However, one of the first tasks you should consider taking is getting organized. Although sorting through paperwork may not sound like a fun way to spend your time, the work you put into organization now will help save you time and headaches as you begin to take on other divorce preparation tasks.

What is considered marital property in California?

Filing for divorce can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there a myriad of emotions involved when separating from a spouse, but you have to overcome the difficult task of dividing marital property. You may become attached to property that you have accumulated during the marriage. California is a community property state, meaning all marital property is divided equally in half. Yet, it is important to know what is considered marital property so that you can ensure you receive everything you are entitled to in the divorce settlement.

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