California may have the nation’s most expensive divorces

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A wedding can be one of the most stressful and expensive single events of our lives. No one is thinking about how a relationship could end while attending a marriage, but it does happen for roughly half of people who make the decision. And divorce often ends up just as stressful and expensive as the wedding.

This is especially true in California, where a recent study shows it may be the most expensive state for divorce. The legal process of ending a marriage costs an average of $17,500, more than the average car purchase and more than some people expect to put down on a house for a mortgage. This is twice as much as the lowest average, which is held by Montana.

The expense is even higher when divorces involve children. The average price tag goes up to $26,300. This is usually because divorces involving the need for child support and possible conflicts over child custody take more time and more help from court officers.

Nearly 15 percent of the Golden State’s population has been divorced at least once in their lifetime. Since later marriages are more likely to end in divorce, people who have already been through the process often save time and money because of their familiarity with divorce.

An attorney can always bring that experience to divorce proceedings and represent a spouse’s interests when it comes to assets that will be divided and any possible issues surrounding children. A lawyer can help with any filings and responses needed in court, as well as be the main speaker in any appearances.