Thinking of divorce? Discard these common divorce myths.

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With almost half of the country’s marriages ending in divorce, there are more than a few stereotypes floating around about what divorce means and how the process goes.

While some may be true to your unique situation, others only myths. Here are a few of the most popular myths that may make you apprehensive to start the process.

We should stay together for the sake of the kids

The stress of living in a home where conflicts are always present can sometimes be more detrimental to children than when parents are living separately.

While the thought of being away from the kids and moving them between two homes may be difficult to stomach, this alternative is often better than keeping them exposed to an unhealthy relationship.

Divorce means I am a failure

Divorce usually happens when couples are no longer a good match. A broken marriage isn’t necessarily a failure, but simply a necessary change. People are constantly changing throughout their life. If change means a healthier, happier lifestyle, consider it an improvement, rather than a failure.

The goal is to win

The initial thought of divorce proceedings may bring to mind popular TV and movie dramas. Divorce can seem like you must either win or lose, but most times neither spouse comes out on top.

Making agreements with your ex-spouse may be difficult, but a lawyer’s job is to propose negotiation strategies that result in a fair agreement. Usually, neither party will be especially happy to compromise, but that’s the real goal.

Get advice about divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney to learn more about how these negotiations usually work. A lawyer can help set your expectations and advise the necessary legal documents needed to be prepared for proceedings.