Can sharing about my divorce on social media backfire on me?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | divorce | 0 comments

Whether something good or bad happens to you, it is only natural to want to share it with others. The presence of social media in our lives allows us to commiserate or celebrate with hundreds of our closest friends and relatives. However, sharing some details online can be problematic, especially since you are not just discussing the topic face to face with someone you know well and can trust. Is it wise for you and other California residents to share details about your divorce with dozens or hundreds of people in your friends list?

Prevention takes the stance that it is a better move to stay quiet about your marital problems on social media until after your divorce is final. The following examples can give you an idea why:

  • Posts about your anger, disappointment and heartbreak may not be everyone’s business, especially if some people in your friends list are also friends with your spouse and may use the information to “spy” for him or her.
  • Your boss or a potential employer could see an angry rant about your soon-to-be-ex’s antics or an online argument and think it is unprofessional.
  • Your spouse could use your posts to claim you are hiding assets, are making more money than you say you make or are not interested in getting custody of your children, no matter how false these claims are.

You may prevent negative social and legal consequences by restricting your privacy settings and not posting about your divorce, travel plans, new dates or other events that your ex could use against you, until your divorce is final. This information is meant to educate you but should not serve as legal advice.