Mediation Instead of litigation

If you are engaged in a Family Law dispute but are looking for an alternative to litigation, Mediation is a good choice. The Law office of Stephen W. Penn offers Mediation services and can help you first determine whether Mediation is the right choice for resolving your dispute and if so, can work with both parties to facilitate an out-of-court settlement of your Family Law issues.

Stephen W. Penn is a certified Family Law specialist who has substantial knowledge and interest in mediating family law disputes. As such, he has a special talent as a Family Law Mediator. Through the Mediation process, Mr. Penn will assure that you are kept well informed and that both parties are given the right atmosphere for resolving your Family Law Dispute out of court.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where both parties meet with a neutral attorney in a confidential setting for the purpose of reaching a settlement of their Family Law Dispute. The Mediator may answer questions regarding the law and may help with the procedural steps necessary in finalizing the agreements, but ultimately, it is the parties themselves who are in control of their agreements. As part of the Mediation process, the parties may choose to hire experts who can assist them in division and valuation of assets, including real property appraisals and accounting or mental health professionals to assist with child custody / visitation issues. Each party can employ a Consulting Attorney to provide them with independent legal advice and to review and shed light on the agreements reached in Mediation.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Many parties find Mediation to be a faster, cheaper, and more amicable alternative to litigation. Mediation keeps the parties in control of their fate as they resolve their disputes. They are not bound by the rules and regulations of the court system. Instead, parties in Mediation can resolve their dispute any way they choose. Most often, parties in Mediation resolve their dispute with far less hostility and as a result are more likely to maintain a healthy and positive relationship than those who undergo the litigation process. Through Mediation, parties can have their agreement incorporated into a Family Law Judgment without ever needing to make a courtroom appearance.

Is Mediation Right For You?

To be successful in Mediation, it is important that both parties agree with the fundamentals behind the Mediation process. It is also important that both people understand that they are in control of the decision-making process. Both parties need to be willing to stand up for themselves in areas where they disagree while at the same time being able to work toward a mutually acceptable decision, despite the underlying hurt feelings that may surround the Family Law dispute.

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