Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

The definition of domestic violence is: acts of violence against a person living in one's household, esp. a member of one's immediate family; Violence toward or physical abuse of one's spouse or domestic partner.

If there is an immediate danger to yourself, someone you know or to children due to domestic violence issues, please call 911 immediately and officers responding to the call may, if appropriate, ask for an Emergency Protective Order (EPRO or Restraining Order) from a Judge on duty at any time of the day or night.

If there is not an immediate danger to a party and/or children, but there is a history of domestic violence such that you or someone you know reasonably believes that he or she is in danger of imminent danger or harm, then consideration might be given to obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders through the Court. It is strongly suggested that parties contact an attorney on this issue; the issues related to domestic violence in the context of Family Law matters are very complicated both factually and legally. The Law Office of Stephen Penn and Associates can help with attaining a Restraining Order. If a party chooses not to proceed through an attorney in a matter involving domestic violence, then it is strongly suggested that the Family Court Self Help Center be utilized.

To learn more about and solutions to domestic violence in Santa Clara County, visit the non-profit website for more information.

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