Do you need to hire a forensic accountant for your divorce?

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Trying to secure a fair outcome in a California divorce can be a difficult process. You may not know much about your household finances, especially if you have always let your spouse pay the bills or file your tax return. That lack of information will put you at a serious disadvantage if you decide to divorce.

Your spouse could potentially hide assets from you, making it hard for you to receive your fair share of the community property from your marriage. You will need to go over your financial records to ensure that you include everything that you should in your inventory of marital assets.

When should California spouses consider hiring a forensic accountant for their divorce?

When they have complex assets or years of records

If you believe that your ex may have hidden property from you, whether you suspect that they have a storage unit full of physical assets or a hidden bank account, you will probably need help locating those assets. Forensic accountants are financial professionals who have specialized training to specifically help them locate hidden assets and quantify them for modern divorce proceedings.

When there are multiple years of financial records, complicated assets and several streams of income for your household, bringing in a professional may be a better idea than trying to manage the analysis of your financial records on your own. After all, you need to locate those assets and accounts to claim them and receive a portion of their value.

Getting the right help as you prepare for a California divorce will reduce the chances of your spouse taking advantage of you and denying your fair share of the marital estate.