How to balance child custody and your career

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Whether you had your career in full swing before your divorce or you had to return to work afterward, your job goals and your parenting goals may not always align.

You might be concerned that your need to work will have a negative impact on your children. This isn’t at all the case. It’s possible to balance a career with child custody if you take the time to evaluate the situation and make adjustments to your schedule as necessary. 

Be realistic about your schedule

A realistic approach to the demands of your life is the most important thing you can have when you’re trying to find the balance between raising your children and building or maintaining your career. You should ensure that your children come first, but you also need to meet the demands of work. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Prioritize your children’s needs. Working with your co-parent on a flexible schedule that permits both you and your co-parent to have as much contact time as possible. 
  2. Be open to asking your co-parent for help. A flexible parenting time schedule is beneficial for everyone, especially if your work sometimes makes unexpected demands on your time. Asking your co-parent to pick up parenting duties when you’re stuck at work is fine if you’re willing to work together as a team.
  3. Get a parenting plan in place. The more your parenting plan seeks to anticipate problems with your work schedule and manage them, the better. A good parenting plan offers both parties some reassurance and direction.

Since most parents today work outside the home, your situation isn’t unusual — but the solutions may not be easy for you to see. Experienced legal guidance can help.