Do you know how much your divorce will cost?

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When you sit down and start budgeting for divorce, it can feel overwhelming. After all, it’s not easy to know how much you’re going to have to spend. The truth is that there is no average cost for a divorce, and the cost of yours will be determined based on how easily you can negotiate with your spouse, the time you spend with your attorney and other factors.

There are some methods you can use to save money during your divorce. Here are some ideas that may help you stick to your budget.

How can you save money during your divorce?

To save money during your divorce, one of the important things to do is to avoid litigation. Litigation is usually costly, because you’re asking the court to step in. You’ll need legal representation, and there may be many meetings with your attorney and the other party to try to come up with a settlement. Avoiding litigation through alternative methods of dispute resolution or negotiation may help you save money in the long run.

Another way to save money during divorce is to talk to an attorney who may be offering limited-scope or unbundled services. These are usually charged at a flat rate, so if you don’t need help with all aspects of the divorce, this is one way that may help you reduce what you’ll pay in fees.

Other ways to save money include:

  • Responding promptly to requests from your attorney with as much information as possible
  • Keeping ahead of deadlines to prevent extension requests (which can be costly)
  • Having paperwork drawn up professionally the first time to avoid rewrites and review costs

Will you need to have a retainer to work with a divorce attorney?

You may, but it will depend on your case and how you’re working with the attorney. If you do need to cover a retainer, your attorney will tell you how much they require up front based on what they know about your case and how complex it is expected to be. This is something to be prepared for, so you can ask questions and make sure your situation stays affordable.