Tips on planning for your divorce

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Before you get divorced in California, it’s important to prepare yourself as much as possible. Careful preparation can mean the difference between a quick divorce and a long, stressful legal battle. If you’re prepared for your divorce, you’ll be ready to tackle unexpected challenges.

How do you plan for your divorce?

When you file for divorce, you might want to get out of the house as soon as possible. As a result, you might not have a permanent address for a while, which means that you could miss important legal documents. Before you file for divorce, open a P.O. box so you can keep track of all communications.

You should also start putting money aside to cover your court and divorce attorney fees. This doesn’t mean that you should withdraw thousands of dollars from your joint savings account–your estranged spouse might accuse you of sabotage if you drain your bank account ahead of time. However, you can start setting aside some of your income in a personal bank account.

It’s also important to hire an attorney from the beginning, even if you think that your spouse will accept an uncontested divorce. It’s much easier to do everything right the first time than hire an attorney later to try to untangle the mess that you and your estranged spouse might have created.

What makes a divorce attorney so valuable?

You’ve probably heard stories about people who “lost everything” during their divorce. You probably won’t have to sacrifice all your assets, but you might have to give up more than you bargained for if you make a costly mistake. Your estranged spouse could also agree to an uncontested divorce at first, then throw in challenges that make the process more difficult. An attorney could guide you every step of the way.