5 questions to ask yourself before a child custody hearing

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As a parent, child custody will be your number one priority in a divorce. You might want to fight to have your child full-time. However, this is not always best.

Try and set emotions aside when considering child custody

Emotions can cloud your judgment during a divorce. Here are some questions to help you find the best child custody arrangement:

  • How things currently work: Think about how you and your spouse currently share time with your child. You can gain clues about what might and might not work long-term.
  • What the judge wants: The judge wants to find the best solution for your child. Do not assume they will be on your side because you are a woman or because your wife was unfaithful. Judges want both parents to have as much involvement in a child’s life as possible. Except if there are strong reasons not to, such as abuse.
  • What the other parent wants: If you know your spouse loves taking your child to the game each Saturday, try and allow them to continue. Insisting the children are with you on Saturdays will not encourage your spouse to make concessions to you.
  • What your child wants: Most children want to see both of their parents. They want their parents to be able to get on.
  • What you want: Right now, you might want never to let your child out of your sight. Yet, if this came true, how would you feel in six months, in a year or five years? It can hurt to know you won’t see your child for a few days a week. Yet that break could allow you to study, earn extra income or enjoy a social life.

Considering these points can help you look for a child custody agreement that is the best for your child and you as parents.