Can you predict a divorce before it happens?

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If you’re thinking about filing for divorce in California, you might be asking yourself why you didn’t see this coming. As you look back on your relationship, you start to notice all the red flags that you didn’t notice before. How can you keep this from happening in the future? Is there a way to predict when a relationship is headed for divorce?

Can you predict that a marriage is headed for divorce?

Of course, there’s no foolproof way to predict when a marriage is headed for divorce. However, family law professionals believe that certain factors can hint at the possibility of divorce. For example, if you and your spouse criticize each other frequently, it suggests that you have underlying resentment toward each other. Instead of encouraging your spouse to become a better person, you want to prove that they’re wrong or get back at them for making you feel bad about yourself.

Stonewalling is another behavior that suggests a couple is headed for divorce. When you and your spouse engage in stonewalling, you’re cutting off all communication. Instead of giving each other the chance to talk about your problems, you give each other the silent treatment or physically separate yourselves from each other. When you’re not talking about your issues, it suggests that you hold contempt for each other and don’t want to resolve the problem. If it gets to this point, it might be time to hire a divorce attorney.

Should you hire an attorney before you file for divorce?

Whether you’re thinking about divorce or in the process of filing, hiring an attorney may help you protect yourself and your children. Your attorney might also help you choose between divorce and legal separation and then assist you in filing for either one.