Why women are more likely to file for divorce than men

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The standing stereotype among California residents is that women are often more interested in settling down for marriage than men. And while there is some historical truth to this stereotype, many people may be surprised to know that women are also the most likely party in a marriage to initiate divorce proceedings.


Therapists and counselors familiar with this phenomenon identify three main reasons that women are more likely than their husbands to file for divorce.


Support in and out of the workplace


The U.S. Bureau of Statistics explains that more than half of America’s workforce is women. The problem with this fact is that societal norms still mandate that working women perform the domestic duties they were responsible for before they became a major part of the workforce. Some women also learn the hard way that their spouses are not supportive of the progress they make on the job. Women who feel their marriage is holding them back professionally may begin to feel the marriage is no good for them.


One-sided emotional burdens


Many women feel that an unfair portion of the emotional burden of marriage falls on their shoulders. One reason for this fact is that men are not as adept as women at forming emotional support systems. Many times, a wife will be the only person providing emotional support to her husband. This set of facts makes it less likely for the husband to be the one who wants to leave a marriage that is failing.


Women are much less willing to accept bad behavior from their spouses today than they were in the past. There was a time that women would accept infidelity and abusive behavior for fear of the social and financial consequences of leaving a marriage. As opportunities for women become more and more equal, they are more confident in leaving a bad marriage.


All newlyweds hope to live the rest of their lives with their partners. But this dream is not a reality for about half of the married people in America. A divorce attorney may be of benefit to an individual interested in dissolving a marriage and preparing for their futures with as little complications as possible.