Child custody and visitation transportation

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Child custody in California offers you an opportunity to make a plan for visitation transportation. This type of agreement needs to be included in your parenting plan. During and after a divorce, you and your children are negatively affected by the proceedings. For the sake of your kids and your partner, you need to develop a plan that will eliminate the confusion. While creating the agreement, keep the following tips in mind.

What to include in the plan

During a divorce, both parents should work to keep the children out of the conflict. Your actions should reflect what is in your kids’ best interests. As a parent, you should also find ways to de-escalate conflicts to prevent your children from getting stuck in the middle. Since just one parent gets to stay with the kids, family law allows for visitation transportation plans to be created. Your child custody agreement should detail:

• The parent who is responsible for transportation

• The use of seat belts and car seats

• Guidelines to follow when picking or dropping kids

• Who will handle the transportation costs

During child custody mediation sessions, your lawyer should bring up these issues. Any decisions made during the sessions should be documented.

Choosing a drop-off location

Unless the court has ordered you to make the drop-off a particular location, you are your ex can decide where it will be. A central or public place that is equidistant to both homes is ideal. The parents can also decide on the safest location for the drop-off.

Unfortunately, visitation transportation is not always a smooth process. At times, the drop-offs can become tense or contentious. When this happens, the transfer protocols can be changed for a neutral drop-off location. Child custody laws offer you the right to talk to your attorney when you need to change where the children are dropped off.

Are you worried about child custody and visitation transportation after your divorce? Look no further. Consult a specialized attorney to guide you.