How easy is it to adopt a child in California?

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It may seem that family law is only for use in emotionally fraught situations like divorce or fights over child custody. But there is one vital function that should be bringing joy and hope to a family, and that is the growth of the family through adoption.

Who can adopt a child in California?

When a person is a blood relative or a stepparent of the child in question, there are few restrictions to adoption. In general, adoptive parents must be 10 years older or more than the child. Officials will complete a home study to take a closer look at a child’s prospective environment and run a criminal background check on the potential parent or parents.

What are the requirements for people who want to adopt?

A physical examination may be required to verify that the person or people responsible for the child is able to manage their needs. Adoption training classes will help prepare candidates to help raise their new children as well as verify some basic skills. A social worker may conduct some interviews and a home visit as well.

What about after a child’s placement in the home?

There is a supervision period for the six months after adoption. A social worker may visit for interviews at least four times, including a minimum of one visit with the adopted child present as well.

How can I prepare for adoption?

An attorney can help prepare the paperwork for adoption applications. A lawyer may also be helpful for disputes in family court or any other process related to adoption and child care.