Keeping divorce from negatively impacting work performance

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The end of a marriage can have a negative effect on every part of a person’s life, including the relationship with their employer and co-workers. If someone has an impeccable work record and reputation, divorce can eat away at their focus and work-related habits.

Divorce can be all-consuming and overwhelming, especially before both parties reach a settlement. Some cannot compartmentalize those negative feelings and keep them away from the workplace.

Tips for separating divorce from work

People work hard to develop a stable and positive work image. When going through a divorce, there are some steps to take to maintain their productivity and reputation, including:

  • Build a support network outside work: Keeping details of divorce out of the workplace is a smart move for practical and emotional reasons. There may be documents that need to be changed with HR, but those discussions should only include the relevant details. Look to friends and family for emotional support.
  • Cooperate with a spouse: Look for areas of agreement in a divorce. That will limit the need for additional court appearances, which can affect a person’s productivity.
  • Block out time for personal issues: Dealing with problems caused by a divorce can be time-consuming and are usually not best handled at night. Set aside an hour or two earlier in the day, when necessary, to call an attorney or take care of other personal matters.
  • Separate emails: Make sure divorce-related material is only sent to a personal email and calendar, and keep a secure separate file on a computer, so the information is handy but not located among work-related documents.
  • Share travel plans with a lawyer: Avoid potential scheduling conflicts by letting an attorney know when traveling out of town for work. That will keep mandatory court appearances from affecting scheduled meetings and other essential work activities.

Work can be a sanctuary from the stress of divorce

Divorce can be distracting and damaging to a person’s productivity if they don’t have a plan in place. An experienced family law attorney here in California can help devise a commonsense approach to finding a reasonable settlement, one that can avoid negatively impacting a person’s work relationships.