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Like many divorced parents, you and your ex-spouse may have difficulty getting along. Things may be tense when you speak with each other or meet to exchange the children. However, if your ex is doing things that seem to be affecting your relationship with your children, he or she may be attempting to alienate them from you. You and other California parents should understand the circumstances surrounding parental alienation syndrome.

Psychology Today points out that parental alienation syndrome is not uncommon, and as you can imagine, it can be emotionally devastating for the children and the targeted parent. This involves one parent, usually the one with primary custody, trying to turn the children and others against the other parent. The following behaviors are often used by the parent attempting to alienate the children:

  • Making the children feel like they have to take sides
  • Attempting to recruit other people, such as friends and relatives, to support him or her
  • Creating false scenarios or blowing disagreements out of proportion to make you look bad
  • Sabotaging your time with the children

Psychologists say that children can suffer adverse mental health effects into adulthood if they are unfairly alienated from one parent. It can also be heartbreaking and frustrating for you if you are forced to defend yourself against false claims and your relationship with your children suffers. You may need the assistance of experienced counsel if your ex-spouse is exhibiting signs of parental alienation syndrome. Therefore, the information in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.