Why is the period after the holidays known as divorce season?

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December is a stressful month for many people, but you might be feeling more anxiety and sadness than in years past. Like many other Californians, you may have realized that your marriage is at an end, and you are just waiting for the holidays to be over before you file for divorce.

If so, you are far from alone. As Business Insider reports, the post-holiday months are called “divorce season” for a reason. More divorces are filed in January than any other time of the year, and divorces peak in February and March. If you are waiting until after the new year to file, you may be doing so because you feel it is better to try to enjoy the holidays first, especially if you have children. You might have been uncertain at first, only to decide after the stress of the holidays that there is no saving your marriage. It could make more sense to file for divorce just after the end of the year, for tax reasons. Or, you might feel that the new year offers a fresh start, which could include ending an unhappy marriage.

For whatever reason, there is not a bad time to file for divorce if you are miserable in your marriage. It is recommended, however, to seek competent legal counsel, especially if you are worried about the timing and other volatile issues, such as child custody. The information presented in this blog is meant to educate you, but should not replace the advice of a lawyer.