Understand the facts about child support

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When California parents decide to get a divorce, one thing they usually need to discuss is child support. It is important for people to understand the details about these payments, especially when they are the ones who will need to make them.

People typically work with a family court to arrange child support. FindLaw says that a court usually considers many factors before issuing a child support order. These include which parent has custody of the children and how many kids a couple has. Additionally, a court may look at the incomes of both parents to determine the amount of these payments. Sometimes standard of living plays a role. If one parent is used to a particular standard of living, the non-custodial parent may pay a higher amount in child support so the children can maintain the lifestyle they are used to. Some people may think they only need to pay child support if they live in the same state as their children. This is usually not the case. If one parent moves to a different state with the kids, the other typically needs to continue making these payments. 

It is important for parents to remember that child support payments are typically mandatory. According to Very Well Family, a parent who stops making these payments may sometimes get in trouble with the court. A person may find that his or her wages are garnished. In some situations, a court may suspend a parent’s driver’s license if he or she continually does not pay child support. If people realize they are having difficulty making these payments, it is a good idea for them to speak to the court.

A parent typically needs to pay child support till his children are adults. However, sometimes a parent may need to make these payments for a longer period of time if he or she has a child with special needs. Sometimes a child may also become self-supporting while he or she is still a teenager. In this situation, a parent may be able to stop making child support payments.