Resolving Disputes Between Unmarried Parents

More and more people are choosing to begin their families without getting married. But, if a dispute arises between unmarried parents, matters can get complicated.

In our family law practice, our firm has helped California families from across the Santa Clara County and San Benito County areas in addressing custody, visitation and child support. Our goal is to ensure that parents can do what’s best for their children, while resolving disputes as painlessly as possible.

What Happens In A Parentage Action?

When a dispute arises between unmarried parents regarding their children, first, one party must file a paternity suit. This is a proceeding that establishes the father’s parentage before resolving custody or support disputes. At that point, no other issues are discussed.

If you and your partner disagree about who the child’s father is, the court may order a DNA test. But, if both parents agree on who the father is, the proceeding can go ahead without a DNA test.

Once parentage is established, there will be a separate court proceeding to resolve the custody or support issues at the heart of the dispute. The court can then help fathers with gaining visitation rights or creating a custody agreement.

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